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Four Years with Pinehurst Village Council: 

National Historic Landmark District: Pinehurst was in jeopardy of losing its National Historic Landmark designation. A commitment Lydia made during her 2019 campaign for Village Council was to restore the Village’s relationship with the National Park Service. With the assistance of Senator Thom Tillis, Senator Richard Burr, Congressman Richard Hudson, and their staffs, they rebuilt the relationship with the NPS.  The NPS conducted a year-long “Integrity and Condition Study” that was completed this year. The Village of Pinehurst now is in good standing with the National Park Service. See the National Historic Landmark Nomination here.

Downtown Amenity Plan: While running for office in 2019, downtown merchants requested what they called a “landscaping facelift” for the core Village.  The plantings downtown were tired, and parts of downtown were beginning to look drab.

After many discussions with staff, merchants, and the Village’s Beautification Committee, Council adopted a Downtown Amenity Plan which includes new plantings and more upgrades to come.

New library: Lydia also thoroughly enjoyed working with the Given-Tufts Board on a new library, with the Archives staying downtown.  They are just at the beginning of this process, and Lydia looks forward to working on this project as it develops.

USGA:  The partial move of the USGA to the Village of Pinehurst has been extremely rewarding.  Council was involved in the initial negotiations and also with the approval of the new campus which is under construction.

Pinehurst Resort: It’s also been rewarding working with the Pinehurst Resort on several projects.  The most recent was the Cottages at #8.  A comment of Bob Dedman’s that resonates is “Always Pinehurst, Always Better.”  The resort has good projects, they know Pinehurst’s ordinances, they comply with Village ordinances, and they have been an excellent partner.  At one point, and with the assistance of Tom Pashley, President of the Resort, council compiled a list of the resort’s many projects since 1995, to include new projects and improvements to existing assets.  The list is staggering.  Lydia appreciates the resort’s investments in the Village of Pinehurst.

Village Chapel: A project Lydia especially enjoyed was working with the Village Chapel to prepare a document called, “Village Chapel: Then and Now.”  They prepared this document as the Chapel was proposing the addition of Heritage Hall to its campus.  This document shows the original intent of the Village Chapel when Leonard Tufts donated the land, and how the Chapel now is fulfilling that intent.  The Chapel is a gem in our community.

Lydia started her career as a CPA in Jacksonville, Florida, after receiving a business degree from Florida State University. A few years later, she made the decision to attend law school at American University in Washington D.C. After she graduated, she was admitted to The Florida Bar and worked as a staff attorney for a judge on the United States Tax Court. Lydia has consistently been working to further her knowledge and education in order to better serve her community.

When Lydia was working in San Francisco, she noticed something unsettling in the community that she believed she could impact. She began packing lunches for the homeless and would pass them out every day to those in need. Not seeking funding or acclaim, she simply used the resources she had to make her community a better place. In 2001, the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco named May 12th “Lydia Boesch Day” in recognition of her work for the citizens of San Francisco.

After relocating to Pinehurst, Lydia sought and won election to the Pinewild Country Club Advisory Board as the social chair, in order to further serve her community. In that role, she worked to plan and execute social events that would provide ways for all Pinewild residents to get to know each other.

Lydia was elected to the Board of Directors for the Pinewild Property Owners Association in 2013. She served for six years, the last two as President. As the PPOA President, Lydia served as the Pinewild representative on the Village’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee. In this capacity, Lydia met monthly with representatives of neighborhoods throughout Pinehurst, heard their concerns, and listened to the Village’s responses to these concerns.

Lydia also just completed eleven years of service as a member of the North Carolina Parks & Recreation Authority. Lydia’s favorite role on this board was annually awarding matching grants to local communities all over North Carolina to build or improve local parks or recreational facilities.

Lydia also is an active member of Christ Community Church where she teaches ladies’ Bible studies and is the coordinator for the church’s Connections Center.

Face Mask Project


Lydia spearheaded the production of more than 6,000+ masks to FirstHealth when the Covid 19 pandemic first arrived in 2020.

Purple Pen Story

In the 1960s, Lydia’s dad, Ben Owen, ran for the Mississippi legislature. The kids gave out pens that said “Take this pen and vote for Ben.” From that, Lydia learned that pens are a good campaign tool.

Lydia’s are purple because the Lydia in the Bible (Acts 16:14) was a seller of purple. She was active in her community and in her church.

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