do we stand?

When it comes to our Village, we need smart, informed, and effective leadership, combined with a strong vision for our future. Lydia will use her knowledge and experience to analyze each issue and their implications. She believes in our best, and knows the issues are not always black and white. As a Village Council member, she intends to represent each individual to ensure that all voices are heard and that our Village upholds its unique reputation and character.

Let’s Believe in our Best

  • Good communities don’t just happen; they are the result of the care, concern, efforts, and vision of those who live there.
  • Our community is full of amazingly talented people who currently want to be involved. Let’s find a way to draw on the talents of Pinehurst’s citizens.
  • Tufts’ Vision: James Walker Tufts created Pinehurst because he had a vision. Let’s be visionary and passionate when addressing Pinehurst’s future.